OpenID authentication driver for Fuel

August 17 , 2011

Not long ago, my fiancee and I started working on a project which needed to creation of a new website. I decided to use the [Fuel PHP framework]( and “OpenID) for user authentication among other technologies.

While searching for an authentication driver for OpenID, I found [this project](, but I was not convinced so I decided to create my own : “fuel-openid) This is currently work in progress, but it is at least working with Google Accounts. Any feedback from people having others OpenID Identity will be really appreciated.

The basic authentication process is implemented and a basic controller is available on github. I am actually trying to add some views using OpenID Selector, but I am having some problems with the inclusions of the needed javascript and images in the package.

As soon as this is finished, I will start to add the ACL and group part. I hope to be able to release the whole thing as an RC at the end of the week ! Comments are welcomed to achieve this goal…

To install and test the package, you can follow the instructions on the github page. I hope this package can serve you.